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Cabinet & House Painting

5091 Tamarind Ridge Dr. Naples Fl. 34119
Florida Contractor License CBC1255481


Cabinet Painting Project Manager - Jason Bourque 239.248.0879
Painting/Drywall/Trim Carpentry Anthony Spagnuolo 239.682.0127

Owner Arno De Villiers 239.571.0232
Feel free to call us on weekends to set up consultations and ask questions.



At Arno we exclusively use the Sherwin Williams Emerald line of paint which is their finest product. We can handle all of your painting needs and have excellent drywall install and repair workers on staff.  Trim carpentry is another service we offer with carpenters who are very detail orientated and do not rush thru their work.  If you are dealing with storm damage working with us can allow you to simply deal with one contractor to handle multiple aspects of your repair and remodeling needs.

Sprayed Cabinet Painting takes a great deal of preparation and experience.  We are entering our eighth year serving SW Florida working all areas between Cape Coral and Marco Island.  You can receive an online quote 7 days a week by simply taking a few pictures and then either text or email them to us.  You can expect an accurate quote within 24 hours with no forms or contact info to fill out. If the quote is acceptable our project manager will visit you home with color samples and to answer all your questions.  A typical kitchen cabinet schedule is as follows.

DAY 1 - Doors and drawer faces are taken to shop and prep work is done.

DAY 2 - Cabinets are primed and the first coat of paint is applied.

Day 3 - Finish Coat

Day 4 - Clean up.

Day 5 - Doors/Drawers hung project complete. NOTE - doors usually take 7 or more days to be processed thru the shop.  Larger kitchens will require additional days of in home work.


Plastic Off Kitchen.jpg
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The cabinets receive a coat of STIX Urethane Bonding Primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance Paint.


Priming is the most important step when painting cabinets and it has been our experience that STIX provides the best adhesion while providing a nice smooth finish after sanding.


There are several different paints for cabinet painting that you will find on Google.  After trying many of them over the years we now use BENJAMIN MOORE ADVANCE exclusively.  Advance is an alkyd paint meaning that over time it dries to a very hard finish and is self leveling providing a factory smooth finish.







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First Cabinet Job Zingo.jpg

Cabinet painting is a detail orientated job and cannot be done over a weekend like on some of your favorite HGTV shows.  We would caution you to be leery about too good to be true pricing as an improper job is not only unsightly it is very expensive to fix.  Whether you choose us or another reputable local company we would like to thank you for taking a few moments to check us out. Take care...

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